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Support Benches
Access Platforms
Trolly & Special Equipment

At AVA AERO, we pride ourselves on being a premier supplier of high-quality support benches, access platforms, trolleys, and specialized equipment tailored for the aviation industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures that aviation companies, airlines, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) shops receive top-of-the-line products that meet the rigorous demands of the industry. With AVA AERO, you can trust that our equipment will enhance your operational efficiency and safety

Component Support Bench

Our support benches are meticulously designed to provide robust and stable solutions for various maintenance tasks. These benches are constructed with high-grade materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. Whether it's for routine maintenance or complex repair tasks, our support benches offer the reliability and functionality that aviation professionals need. AVA AERO understands the critical role these benches play in daily operations, which is why we focus on delivering products that not only meet but exceed industry standards.


Aviation Access Platforms

Access platforms from AVA AERO are engineered to provide safe and efficient access to aircraft and other aviation components. Safety is our top priority, and our platforms are built with features that enhance stability and accessibility. From fixed to mobile access platforms, we offer a range of options that cater to different requirements and settings. Our platforms are designed to ensure that maintenance crews can perform their tasks with ease and confidence, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Trolleys and Specialized Equipment

In addition to support benches and access platforms, AVA AERO offers a comprehensive range of trolleys and specialized equipment. Our trolleys are designed to handle the unique demands of the aviation industry, providing easy transportation of tools, parts, and equipment across the hangar or workshop. We also supply specialized equipment tailored to specific aviation needs, ensuring that our clients have the right tools to maintain and repair their aircraft efficiently. At AVA AERO, we are dedicated to supporting the operational needs of aviation companies, airlines, and MRO shops with our top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

Airports and MRO Shops access platforms and specialized equipment in the Middle East from top world Manufacturers and OEMs

Aircraft Hangar
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