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Universal Hydraulic Test Station

Hydraulics Test Station

Universal Hydraulic Test Station


(UHTS) Diesel Engine Driven
A/M27T-17, P/N 101197-100
NSN: 4920-01-592-0750RN
Low emission by using a diesel engine that meets the EPA
• Hydraulic circuits are designed as an integral manifolds which
eliminates excessive plumbing and external leakage of hydraulic
• By utilizing a 100% sealed hydraulic reservoir the air and
moisture entering the reservoir is eliminated.
• Heat exchanger system for the engine and hydraulic system is
designed for high ambient temperature.
• A highly efficient purification system removes moisture,
particulate, & dissolved gases from aircraft, test stand, &
external hydraulic fluid.
• Includes continuous water monitoring sensor and monitors in
Continuous cooling, filtering, moisture and particle removal from
hydraulic fluid keeps hydraulic fluid clean and eliminates the need of
changing hydraulic fluid for a long period of time.
• Sample ports are provided for monitoring the condition of the
hydraulic fluid in the reservoir.
• External reservoir fill and discharge ports enables the operator to fill
the hydraulic reservoir from an outside source, or to remove clean
filtered hydraulic fluid from the reservoir.
• Back pressure regulator allows operation in both aircraft (closed
loop) or test stand reservoir (open loop) operation.
• Flushing system is provided to facilitate flushing and decontaminat

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