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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The model JEHA MARK IV is newly designed to perform all functional and operational tests of new-generation commercial aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic components including (and not limited to) actuators and control valves, from both large and mid-size body aircrafts. Optional P&MTC (Pump and Motor Test Console) provides the capability of testing the pump and motor and can be added to JEHA MARK IV at any time if required to expand the testing capability.

Ø JEHA MARK IV: Aircraft Component Test Stand

Ø P&MTC: Pump & Motor Test Stand for testing pump and motor tests

Configuration Length Width Height JEHA MARK IV 108” 48” 77” P&MTC (Option) 36” 72” 74” Configuration


Ø Manual Control Modes

o Human/Machine Interface (HMI) displays flow, pressure, temperature, calibration, diagnostic, & warning signals

o Manual Control Panels (MCP)

o Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Ø Main Hydraulic Circuit

o Two independent dynamic hydraulic test circuits, each capable of providing 25 gpm up to 5,000 psig, And in combination can provide 50 gpm up to 5,000 psig

o Actuator Test Circuit: 1

o Supply and Return Ports: 4 each

o HP Supply Circuit filtration: 3-Micron Absolute

o Return Circuit filtration: 10 micron Absolute

o Two Supply Circuit flowmeters: 0.1 - 50 gpm

o Return Circuit Back-Pressure Controls: 0 – 5,000 psi

Ø Low Pressure Circuit

o Low Flow: Up to 10 gpm & 250 psi

o Supply Circuit flow meter: 0.1 – 15 gpm

Ø Hydrostatic Circuit Up to 10,000 psi

Ø Pneumatic Circuit (GN2) Up to 6,000 psi

Ø Option: P&MT Console for Pump and Motor Tests (with combination of MHC)

o AND 20002 test Pad

o High Speed Induction Motor: 250 hp, 2,000 in-lb torque, 10,000 rpm bi-directional

o Regenerative Variable Frequency Drive: Operates and precisely controls the High Speed Motor

o Pump Test Circuit: Closed Loop, up to 70 gpm & 5,000 psi o Pump Case Drain Circuit: 0 – 10 gpm o Patch Test Capability

o Motor Test Circuit: Open Loop, up to 50 gpm & 5,000 psi

Ø Electrical Power Supplies

o AC Power Supplies: 5,000 VA

- Adjustable 0-135 VAC, L-N, 3 or 1 phase.

- Adjustable 0-40 Amps

- Adjustable 45-500 Hz o DC Power Supplies: 3,000 VA

Ø Reservoir: 55 gallon Stainless Steel Construction, Heating Circuit - up to 225F. Low Fluid Level & High Temp. Shutdown, 3-Micron

absolute filtration circuit

Ø Sink/Test Bed: 300 Series Stainless Steel UUT Tie Down,

Supply/Return Ports and Electrical Connectors, Illuminated

Ø Protective Shields: ½ inch thick clear shield on both consolesslide away and/or removable

Ø Construction: Eight Inch Fork Lift Pockets - 36” Centers, Integrated Drip Pan, Lift-off Doors, Removable Access Panels Painted, 12 Gage Steel Panels, Stainless Steel Tubing and Fittings, Manifolds with integral control componentry Major Components:

o Main Circuits: Two variable displacement, pressure compensated, axial piston pumps

o Low Pressure Circuit: Internal Gear Pump, variable flow capability

o Water-Oil coolers: Brazed Plate – compact, low water consumption

o Flow Meters: Positive Displacement - consistent accuracy. o Pressure Transmitters: 0.5% accuracy

o Filter elements: 3 micron Beta rated, Anti-Static

o P&MT: VSD Motor: Induction - 250 hp, High Speed, Copper cage & kapton insulation – minimize the electrical losses, ceramic bearings, oil-air lube - extend motor life

o Drive: Variable frequency fully regenerative, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Inverter & Converter - high efficiency, low noise

Facility Utility Integration

Ø Power: Voltage: 460VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Ph or 380-415VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph Amperage: JEHA MARK IV: 250 Amps, P&MTC: 300


Ø Water: Supplied by Closed Loop Chiller MHC: 50 gpm @ 50F, P&MTC: 25 gpm @ 50F

Note: HII is able to supply Air-Cooled Chiller System with Multi-Staged Compressors and integral Circulation Pump (optional item)

Ø Gaseous Nitrogen: 500-3,000 psi (recommend “K” bottle).

Ø Shop Air: Filtered Air, 100 psi min.

Ø Installation and Recommended Working Area: Drawings available upon request.


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