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The model HCT-20 Hydraulic Component Test Stand has been designed to perform all functional and operational tests on hydraulic components, including (and not limited to) motors, pumps, actuators and control valves, from both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts.


Type I: Combination of hydraulic component test station and VSD console.

Type II: Hydraulic component test station only. No VSD console

Manual or Automated Control Modes o Human/Machine Interface (HMI).

o Display Panels - flow, pressure, temperature & warning signals.

o Manual Control Panels (MCP) - membrane/push button with illumination.

o Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). o Semi-Automated Test Programs (SATP).

o Built in Test (BIT).

o Computer Aided Calibration (CAC).

o Computer Aided Maintenance (CAM)

Main Hydraulic Circuit

o Two independent circuits: Up to 33 gpm & 3000 psi each.

- In combination: Up to 65 gpm & 3000 psi or 33 gpm & 6000 psi.

o Actuator Test Circuits: 2 each.

o Supply and Return Ports: 4 each.

o HP Supply Circuit filtration: 3-Micron absolute.

o Return Circuit filtration: 10 micron absolute.

o Supply Circuit flow meters: 0.1 - 40 gpm.

o Return Circuit flow meters: 0.1 - 70 gpm.

o Return Circuit Back-Pressure Controls: 0 – 6000 psi

Auxiliary Circuit o High Flow: Up to 70 gpm & 300 psi.

o Low Press: low flow & 0 – 25 psi.

o Supply Circuit flow meter: 0.1 – 70 gpm.

Hydrostatic Circuit Up to 25000 psi.

Pneumatic Circuit (GN2) Up to 8000 psi.

VSD Console for Pump and Motor Tests (Type I only)

AND 20002 test Pad.

o High Speed Induction Motor: 200 hp, 2000 in-lb torque, 15000 rpm bi-directional.

o Regenerative Variable Frequency Drive: Operates and precisely controls the High Speed Motor. o Pump Test Circuit: Closed Loop, up to 110 gpm & 6000 psi. o Pump Case Drain Circuit: Two independent circuits. o Open Loop, up to 10 gpm & 600 psi. o Proof Test, without disconnecting hoses from UUT. o Ports for Patch test

Electrical Depressurization Valve (EDV Testing).

o Motor Test Circuit: Open Loop, up to 65 gpm & 6000 psi.

o Power Transfer Unit (PTU) test circuit.

Electrical Power Supplies

o Two Independent AC Power Supplies: 5000 VAC.

- Adjustable 0-135 VAC, L-N, 3 or 1 phase.

- Adjustable 0-40 Amps.

- Adjustable 45-500 Hz. o Two Independent DC Power Supplies: 3000 VAC.

- Adjustable 0-50 Volts.

- Adjustable 0-60 Amps.

Major Components:

o Main Circuit: Two variable displacement, pressure compensated, axial piston pumps

– electronic flow & press controls.

o Auxiliary Circuit: Internal Gear Pump, variable flow capability.

o Relief & Bypass Valves: proportionally Controlled.

o Water-Oil coolers: Brazed Plate – compact, low water consumption.

o Flow Meters: Positive Displacement - consistent accuracy.

o Pressure Transmitters: Shunt Calibration - 0.5% accuracy.

o VSD Motor: Induction - 200 hp, High Speed, Copper cage & kapton insulation – minimize the electrical losses, ceramic bearings, oil-air lube - extend motor life.

o Drive: Variable frequency fully regenerative, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Inverter & Converter - high efficiency, low noise.

Facility Utility Integration

Power: Voltage: 460VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Ph or 380-415VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph

Amperage: Type I: 540 Amps, Type II: 240 Amps

Water: Supplied by Closed Loop Chiller

Type I: 50 gpm @ 50°F, Type II: 25 gpm @ 50°F

Note: HII is able to supply Air-Cooled Chiller System with Multi-Staged Compressors and integral Circulation Pump (optional item)

Gaseous Nitrogen: 500-3,000 psi (recommend “K” bottle).

Shop Air: Filtered Air, 100 psi min.

Installation and Recommended Working Area: Drawings available upon request.


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