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Electronic Liquid Cooling System (ELCS)ELCS PAO Servicing Unit (EPSU)P/N: 122081-100

NTRODUCTION The Electronic Liquid Cooling System (ELCS) PAO Service Unit P/N 122081-100, hereafter referred to as the EPSU, maintains the operational readiness of the aircraft ELCS unit. It is intended to be used at land-based aviation facilities, as well as shipboard, as part of both unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. The EPSU connects to the aircraft ELCS via the quick disconnects (QD) located at the rear of the unit. The EPSU is mounted on a towable and steerable four wheeled chassis and is powered by facility 60Hz power. INTENDED USE. The EPSU is intended to perform the following system functions: • Fill the EPSU reservoir with PAO fluid • Decontaminate the system PAO fluid • Dehydrate the PAO fluid contents • Degas (or bleed air) PAO fluid • Drain the ELCS system • Drain the EPSU reservoir • Fill the ELCS system Item Characteristic

Overall Physical Characteristics:

Height:.........50 in. (127 cm) Length: ........60 in. (152 cm) Width:..........42 in. (107 cm) Weight:........1454 lbs Storage Temperature: Range: -65˚ to 165˚ F (-54˚ to 74˚ C) Operating Temperature: Range: -25˚ to 125˚ F (-32˚ to 52˚ C) Temperature Differential: PAO temperature in any mode does not exceed more than 15˚F above ambient at the outlet of the EPSU Mobility: Tow speed 20 mph on paved highway, 10 mph on graded gravel, and 8 mph on Belgian block Cramping angle 8 mph turning speed (right or left) at 35 degrees Road clearance 8 inches min.

ground clearance from the lowest point on the undercarriage Tow capability Capable of towing in train, three trailers of the same weight and sizes behind a prime mover Turning radius 60 ±2 inches Reservoir and Coolant: Polyalphaolefin (PAO) per MIL-PRF-87252C Reservoir Rated Capacity 36 gallons Reservoir Level (nominal) 16.2 gallons PAO Fluid Conditioning: >100% saturated with dissolved air with free air present. Particulate Min. acceptable contaminant level should be less than or equal to Navy standard class 3 Water ≤50 ppm dissolved including free and entrained air Input Power: 60 Hz 3-Phase 440/480VAC±5% Preset Components: Charge (Supply) Pump Relief Valve 90 ±5 PSI@100˚F (38˚C) of fluid temperature Safety Relief Valve 35 ±1 PSI Vacuum Pump Relief Valve 14 ±1 in. H

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