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Clear Skies Ahead: Ava Aero and Salher Take Flight with Sustainable Wastewater Solutions in UAE Aviation


In the dynamic world of aviation, where efficiency and safety take center stage, there's a growing awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility. One crucial aspect that often flies under the radar is wastewater management. In the UAE, Ava Aero is taking the lead in providing cutting-edge wastewater treatment solutions for the aviation industry, representing the renowned Spanish manufacturer, Salher.

The Challenge of Wastewater in Aviation

Aviation operations, from aircraft de-icing to maintenance processes, generate wastewater laden with pollutants. This can include fuel residues, de-icing chemicals, and heavy metals, posing environmental challenges if not managed properly. Recognizing the need for effective wastewater treatment, Ava Aero steps in with innovative solutions tailored for the unique demands of the aviation sector.

Ava Aero's Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Approach

1. De-icing and Anti-Icing Fluids Management:

Ava Aero employs state-of-the-art collection systems to capture runoff from aircraft de-icing and anti-icing activities. These systems incorporate oil-water separators that efficiently separate oils and greases from the collected runoff.

2. Stormwater Management:

To address stormwater runoff from runways, taxiways, and other critical areas, Ava Aero implements robust collection systems. Detention ponds and basins are strategically employed to manage stormwater flow and facilitate the settling of pollutants, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

3. Aircraft Maintenance and Cleaning:

Containing wastewater generated during aircraft maintenance and cleaning processes is pivotal. Ava Aero utilizes specialized containment systems coupled with advanced oil and water separation units to effectively remove contaminants and protect water resources.

Wastewater Treatment Plants:

Ava Aero's wastewater treatment plants embody cutting-edge technology. Biological treatment processes, including activated sludge methods, work to break down organic pollutants. Chemical treatment units, employing coagulation and flocculation, further refine the treated water, ensuring it meets stringent environmental standards. Filtration systems play a crucial role in removing suspended solids, enhancing the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

4. Oil and Grease Removal:

In addressing the challenge of oils and greases, Ava Aero employs oil skimmers and gravity separators. These technologies play a crucial role in extracting floating oils and facilitating their removal, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the wastewater treatment system.

5. Disinfection for Environmental Protection:

Wastewater disinfection is a critical step to protect ecosystems. Ava Aero integrates chlorination and UV disinfection methods to ensure that treated water meets regulatory standards for pathogen removal, safeguarding both the environment and public health.

Ava Aero and Salher: A Powerful Partnership

Ava Aero proudly represents Salher, a renowned Spanish manufacturer specializing in wastewater treatment solutions. Salher's expertise, combined with Ava Aero's commitment to excellence, creates a formidable force in providing sustainable and effective wastewater treatment for the UAE aviation industry.

Reuse and Recycling Initiatives:

Ava Aero explores opportunities for water reuse, transforming treated wastewater into a valuable resource for non-potable purposes. From irrigation to cooling systems, the company actively promotes sustainable practices within the aviation sector.

Monitoring and Compliance:

To ensure adherence to environmental regulations, Ava Aero employs state-of-the-art analytical instruments and monitoring systems. This proactive approach allows for real-time tracking of treatment processes, guaranteeing compliance and reinforcing Ava Aero's commitment to environmental stewardship.


As the aviation industry continues to evolve, Ava Aero and Salher stand at the forefront, addressing the critical need for wastewater treatment solutions. Their commitment to environmental responsibility, coupled with innovative technologies, positions them as leaders in providing comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable wastewater treatment for the UAE aviation sector. Ava Aero's collaboration with Salher reinforces their dedication to excellence, setting new standards for environmental stewardship in the dynamic world of aviation.


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